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Create high-quality standards, national adoptions and technical documents in different formats from XML and PDF


Save manual work, time & money

Deliver the same or better quality

Apply complex business rules consistently


Quickly improve your current processes

Introduce new capabilities and technology

Change at a pace you decide


Create new products for customers

Previews, Redlines, Bundles

and more…

What makes us different?

All members of our expert team have in-depth, practical experience of standards, publishing and XML.

We built Réalta from the ground-up to create a high-performance system at a reasonable price.

We made Réalta quick and easy to implement so you can start to benefit almost immediately.

We believe in proven, standards-based technologies so that’s what we use.


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Standards Publishing

This is the foundation of our solutions.  Our customers are creating high-quality standards, adoptions and technical documents from XML and PDF.

They publish content in various formats (including PDF, PDF Redline, PDF Preview, HTML, HTML Preview).  And most documents are published in under a minute!

Committee Work

Transitioning to XML-based authoring tools can be challenging.  Help project leaders, authors, editors, members and support staff see their documents in “near-final” PDF format as they develop content. 

This helps them better quality XML.  It speeds up the final publishing process by reducing the back and forth between the committee and the publishing department.  And it improves the quality of value-added products.

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Publishing Manager

This is our “turn-key” solution for members of ISO, IEC, CEN and/or CENELEC.  We can automatically publish your national adoptions from XML and/or PDF by applying your business rules to data we directly source from these organizations on your behalf.

The Publishing Manager reduces manual work, increases publications quality and speeds up the release of new products for customers.  You can use it from a web browser without any IT development work but you can also integrate it with your existing systems (e.g. ERP, content management solution, webstore) through our REST API if you wish. 

Why Our solutions?


The Basics

High-quality standards and national adoptions from PDF or XML

Secure, cloud-based solutions

Fast publishing speeds

Take advantage of XML

Previews, HTML, Track-Change (“Redline”) PDFs

Semantic mark-up to enable data feeds

Improved accessibility

Expert Advice & Support

In-depth standards, publishing and XML experience

High-quality solutions & advice tailored to your needs

No need to educate us about the basics

Good Financial Returns

Better, faster, lower-cost publishing

New product possibilities

Annual subscription,  predictable pricing


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