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Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization (GSO)

GSO is the regional standardization organisation for the Gulf States.  They have a catalogue of about 24,000 standards and technical regulations.  They adopt around 80% of these from international organisations and develop the other 20% within the region.

GSO use Réalta to publish their regional standards and adoptions.  And they offer their members a service to publish their national standards and adoptions.  The Bahrain Standards Metrology Directorate and the Omani Directorate General for Standards and Metrology are the first to take advantage of this.

GSO publish full standards and previews from XML in PDF and HTML formats.  In their webstores, previews are generated on-demand if they are not available already.

“Réalta’s publishing solution has helped us a lot in automating our publishing process specially for cover pages and forwards for all our standards, and we are also using it to publish the complete file for international standards adopted without any modification to achieve the reprint requirements to be exempted from any royalty fees.

Automating this process save us a lot of manual work, eliminates plenty errors and forces a very important consistency between our standards metadata database and our standards files.  The full benefits of this solution will be realized once we start authoring our standards in XML and are able to completely automate the publishing process.

Réalta is really an important strategic partner for us in this mission, they really helped us a lot in integrating their solution with our systems and responded positively to our extra integration requirements.”

Eng.Yusuf A. Aaji, Head of IT Solutions

Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN)

NEN supports the standardization process in The Netherlands and manages over 31,000 standards.

NEN have completed the 1st stage of their project to introduce XML first publishing.  The editorial team at NEN creates structured content in XML using Fonto.  Réalta is a key part of their solution and is used to publish drafts and the finished standards from NISO STS XML.

Find out more about NEN’s project here.

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Standards Digital (Norway)

Standards Digital provides digital services to national standards bodies and standards development organizations.

They offer a collaborative XML authoring environment enabling committee authors and editors to create content in NISO STS XML using Fonto.  They use Réalta’s Committee Work solution to publish PDF’s that closely resemble the product that will eventually be released.

Standards Norway use this solution to add semantic information about requirements to a set of standards for the oil industry.  Réalta creates PDFs showing details of the semantic mark-up and these are used to verify the mark up with technical experts.  Ultimately, accurate requirements are automatically extracted from the standard and fed to other applications.  You can read more about this and other ways that Réalta can help editors create accessible, high-quality XML in Ken Holman’s paper for the JATS-CON 2020 event.

Standards Norway also use Réalta for the final publishing of national standards for the construction and oil industries.

Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV)

SNV is responsible for enabling and promoting standardization activities in Switzerland.  SNV is a member of ISO and CEN and includes 7 different industry sectors.  Their catalogue includes around 26000 adoptions of international standards and around 1000 national standards.

SNV uses Réalta’s Publishing Manager to publish national adoptions and standards in German, French and English.  Some of the more popular adoptions may contain the content in more than one language.  The publishing team can easily see which standards are available in which languages from ISO and CEN, pick the one they want, review the national information generated automatically by Réalta and click a button to create the adoption. The whole process typically takes less than 5 minutes.

“After the release for publication, the SNV has to adopt the European standards into the Swiss standards repository within 6 months.  Since our old procedure required a lot of manual work, we only narrowly met this requirement.  For us, Réalta is a big step in digitization. We highly appreciate Réalta’s flexibility and openness to continuous process improvements.  The extremely high system availability gives us process reliability to be able to serve our customers on time.”

Marcel Knecht, Head of Standardization & International Affairs (SNV)

Find out more about SNV’s successful project with Réalta from PDF Tools AG, one of our core technology partners.

National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI)

NSAI is Ireland’s official standards body.  It is a member of ISO, IEC, CEN & CENELEC and manages a catalogue of over 25,000 standards.

NSAI uses Réalta’s Publishing Manager to publish national adoptions & standards as well as draft standards for public review.

When CEN and CENELEC release new European texts, Réalta automatically creates Irish Adoptions for the NSAI publishing team to review and approve.  If a published national adoption is subsequently amended or corrected, Réalta automatically bundles the amendment or correction document with all the previous documents relevant to that adoption.  This ensures that a reader has everything they need in a single publication.

During the standards development process, ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC publish draft standards for public review and comment.  Réalta automatically publishes these drafts as NSAI documents adding information about the enquiry and the activities of NSAI.  The NSAI drafts are then automatically uploaded to Your Standards Your Say (the Irish National Enquiry Portal).

OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards)

OASIS project editors can publish their work using Réalta’s professional composition capabilities with the open DocBook stylesheet library.  Réalta support the latest OASIS documentation templates using DocBook adaptations and actively participates in the development of the template specifications.

Committees using Réalta today:

  • The XLIFF and VEL technical committees publish deliverables in the OASIS layouts.
  • The BDXR technical committee simultaneously publishes deliverables in both OASIS and CEFACT layouts.
  • The UBL technical committee simultaneously publishes deliverables in both OASIS and ISO layouts.  This project uses GitHub with automation workflows connected to Réalta through our API.  The committee’s repository GitHub actions are configured to publish documents automatically on check-in from any branch. The action results are available for easy download by all team members. Any committee member not having repository authority can fork the committee repository for their work-in-progress and they create a pull request for the project editors to review their contribution.

If you are an OASIS project editor and want to know more about using Réalta for your work, please contact us by email at

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