Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Réalta cost?
We provide our publishing services for an annual subscription fee. The subscription fee is based on the nature of your publishing activities. The fee is fixed and does not vary based on the number of pages or documents published.

The fees include practically unlimited publishing, support, upgrades and all infrastructure costs (except your costs to communicate with the Setare platform).

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How quickly can Réalta really publish my content?

Réalta uses the fastest technology available. The time taken to publish a document depends on the length of the document and its complexity.

Here are some benchmarks for publishing a standard or adoption as a PDF, as HTML or as PDF+HTML from XML:

30 pages of text and light graphics~20 seconds~14 seconds~22 seconds
90 pages of text, tables and graphics~35 seconds ~16 seconds~44 seconds
850 pages of text, heavy tables, equations~6 minutes~33 seconds~6 minutes


Here are some benchmarks for publishing a PDF adoption from PDF contents:

30 pages of text and light graphics~35 seconds
90 pages of text, tables and graphics~35 seconds
850 pages of text, heavy tables, equations~60 seconds

*Benchmark times are for processing on the Réalta platform and exclude the time to upload source material or download results since this is dependent on the network connection. For the same document, times can sometimes vary by up to 20% due to conditions at the cloud hosted service.

Where does the Réalta platform run?

Réalta is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud (North Europe) but we can host our services from other Azure data centres if clients require that.  The infrastructure and its security are managed for us by Spanish Point.

What technologies does Réalta use?

Where practical we use technologies based on open standards to reduce risk and costs:

Our core rendering uses XSLT and XSL-FO.  We use tools from leading suppliers including Antenna House, Saxon, PDF Tools AG. and DeltaXML

Our API interface complies with Open API Specification 3.0

Java from AdoptOpenJDK


Is Réalta the same as Setare? What happened to Setare Solutions Limited?

With the release of our next generation solutions we decided to take the opportunity to change our name.  We became Réalta Online Publishing Services to avoid confusion with other companies using the name Setare and to avoid being “crazy people” to francophones.

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