Standards Publishing

This is the foundation underlying our solutions.

Standards organizations can create high-quality standards, adoptions and technical documents from XML and PDF.

They can publish to a variety of formats (PDF, PDF Track-Change, PDF Preview, HTML, HTML Preview).  And most documents are published in under a minute!

Committee Work

This solution helps technical committees successfully author content in XML-based tools.  Project leaders, authors, editors, members and support staff can quickly see their documents in “near-final” PDF format as they work on their content.  And, as a result, they can produce better quality XML.

In turn, this can speed up the final publishing process and improve the quality of value-added products.

Publishing Manager

This  “turn-key” solution is designed for members of ISO, IEC, CEN and/or CENELEC.  We can automatically publish your national adoptions from XML and/or PDF by applying your business rules to data we directly source from these organizations on your behalf.

The Publishing Manager reduces manual work, increases publications quality and speeds up the release of new products for customers. 

Standards Publishing

Diagram. Client can use Réalta's web interface or integrate their application with Réalta Standards Publishing through an API. Information about the standard or adoption is sent to Réalta and the requested documents are published. Réalta can get information directly from ISO, IEC, CEN & CENELEC to make things simpler.

Réalta automates the publication of high-quality standards, national adoptions and technical documents from XML and PDF.  As we built it for standards organizations it’s easy to implement and you can be up and running in as little as 2 weeks.

Our Foundation:

  • Publishes content in XML and PDF.
  • XML can be published to a variety of layouts and formats:
Layouts:ISO/IEC/CEN/CENELEC, OASIS DocBook (Standards & Committee Notes),  UN/CEFACT
Formats:PDF, PDF Preview, HTML, HTML Preview
  • Handles all the complexities you find in standards documents e.g. complex long tables, equations, figures.
  • We configure cover pages, front matter and back pages to your requirements.  These adjust dynamically to your metadata so you won’t have to worry about managing multiple templates for different document types, languages, status etc. 
  • It’s FAST – Réalta publishes most standards in less than a minute.
  • Built using proven standards-based technologies.
  • Runs securely on the Microsoft Azure cloud so there’s no software to install locally:
    • Access Réalta through your web browser.
    • Integrate it into your publishing processes through our REST API.

Premium Features:

  • PDF Track-Change (“Redline”) documents
  • Customised publishing layouts
  • Dedicated Réalta environment in a Microsoft Azure datacentre of your choice
  • Advanced formatting and editorial options to:
    • Review XML quality, alternative text for accessibility, targets of links and the correctness of semantic mark-up
    • Fine-tune the automatic pagination of tables and figures if they aren’t splitting as you expect
    • Change your default workflow parameters for specific documents.

Committee Work

Photo. Technical committee member using laptop to participate in a virtual standards development meeting.

Helps technical committees adapt to creating content in XML based-tools. 

Project leaders, authors, editors, members and support staff can see their documents in “near-final” PDF format as they work on their content.  Since Réalta publishes most standards in less than a minute it’s quick and easy to use.  And, as a result, they can produce better quality XML and there should be fewer surprises in the final document for everyone.

In turn, this can speed up the final publishing process and improve the quality of value-added products.


  • Adds a notice to the draft documents so that they can’t be mistaken for final, official documents.
  • Optionally:
    • Modify the cover page and headers on each page or add watermarks to add further differentiation.
    • Expose the XML mark up to ensure it is consistent e.g. Titles are tagged correctly and not just as bold text.
    • Review alternative text added for accessibility
    • Review external links to ensure they point to the correct target
    • Review semantic mark-up to ensure it is correct.



Publishing Manager

Our Publishing Manager is for members of ISO, IEC, CEN or CENELEC.  We implement the business rules that you use for your national adoptions.  Then, using metadata from the ISO, IEC, CEN or CENELEC gateways, we can automatically publish your national adoptions.  They will include your customised cover pages, front matter, standards identifier and copyright information.  And you can add National Forewords and National Annexes if needed.

The Publishing Manager uses Standards Publishing so it shares its capabilities and features.  For example, your applications can retrieve and store the resulting publications and their national metadata through our REST API.

Core Features:

  • Your publishing team initiates the publishing process for each adoption.  They can:
    • See which standards are available, and in which languages, from ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC*.
    • Apply different filters to make it easier to select the standard to be adopted.
    • Review and, if necessary adjust, the national information generated from the source metadata and your business rules.
    • Create the adoption using content obtained from the source gateway.  The adoption will comply with the ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC rules for standards identifiers; copyright information; removal of ISO/IEC front covers from CEN/CENELEC adoptions.
    • Visually check the publication.
    • Manually save the publication and metadata to your systems.  Or, mark the publication as “Approved” so that it (and its metadata) can be retrieved by your systems.
  • They can also:
    • Create the monthly CCMC adoptions report.
    • Create and publish national standards with the same cover page, front and back matter.

*Requires membership of these organizations

Premium Features:

The Publishing Manager automatically publishes national adoptions as soon as the underlying content is available from your chosen source(s).  More comprehensive business rules support the automation and your publishing team can then:

  • Check the publications and approve those that are ready to be loaded into your systems.
  • For the remainder they can:
    • Adjust the data created by the default business rules.
    • Add national foreword or annexes if required.
    • Republish and re-check the document.
    • Mark the publication as “Approved” so that it (and its metadata) can be retrieved by your systems.


Diagram showing how the Publishing Manager solution works with Réalta Standards Publishing and the ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC gateways to automatically publish national adoptions.

Core & Premium Workflows

Process diagram showing the national adoption publishing process used by the Réalta Publishing Manager. The core subscription allows a user to select an adoption to be published. The premium option automatically publishes adoptions for review as soon as ISO, IEC, CEN and/or CENELEC publish standards.

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